Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phone Recycling

Recycle your mobile phones and we will reuse or recycle them. Recycle mobile phones and receive cash. We make recycling easy. Using your own envelope, simply post your mobile phone to us. We’ll check your mobile phone to see if it’s in the condition stated and then send you a cheque or we will bank in to your.

This is also a good way of conserving the environment, utilising natural resources optimally and insuring those that need it have the chance of experiencing mobile phone technology. The landline infrastructure in many countries is often in disrepair or non existent and new mobile phones are expensive, so mobile phone recycling helps those who cannot afford the price of new mobile phones in developing countries. Mobile phones that are not in working order or are broken beyond repair, have their vital and useful components extracted. Before sending your old mobile phone: 1. Remove sim and data cards. 2. We only require your mobile phone so please do not send boxes, chargers, data cables or any other accessories.

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